Our roots run deep in raising livestock and producing food for your table. We take no shortcuts because the safety of your family, as well as ours, is paramount.

Offering high quality
local farm fresh products


Locally Sourced, Farm Fresh

Our products are “ALL NATURAL” and are raised with careful attention to details unlike mass produced products that may travel from hundreds of miles to get to you. Locally produced and USDA inspected with NO antibiotics and NO added hormones. Southern Rhythm uses only humane and ethical management practices. We have the practical experience gained from family generations before us, and the technical education with degrees in farm production and animal science to guide us in our farming practices.

We have also furthered our education by obtaining certificates in Beef Quality Assurance and the designation as a Tennessee Advanced Master Beef Producer.

Southern Rhythm is committed to producing superior quality livestock and helping our customers gain awareness of knowing local producers. We want our customers to understand, “knowing your farmer”, brings assurance that our personal mission is to provide only the highest quality for our family and yours.

Our products are produced right here on our

bicentennial farm where visitors are ALWAYS WELCOME.